Based in San Francisco CA and Paris France AlphaUi is bringing a next generation interface technology to the mobile world. Focused on user experience, this new human-computer interface gets the best of both side of the mobile devices. Combining user friendly software with intuitive hardware, this unique concept delivers unmatched enriched interactions for a full productivity and a new gaming experience. Read more...

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Limited space

Problem :

Numerous situations require people to work without the free space on a table or around the lap necessary for using a laptop properly. PDAs and smartphones are only of limited help due to their user interfaces that make the input of longer text notes a tiresome task. Worse, their small screens are unsuitable for efficient work with professional applications.

Solution :

AlphaUi’s input technology provides the user with the opportunity to work efficiently even in places where only limited space is available. The ergonomically formed keys on the back of a mobile device offer maximum comfort and enable fast touch typing. At the same time, the input system is highly customizable due to its virtual keyboard, additionally improving the efficiency of working with professional applications.

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